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Concorso Internationale di Liuteria - Italy


In 2012 an Amati-copy made by Stefan Lindholm was awarded Gold Medal at the Italian violin making competition Concorso Internationale di Liuteria for best sound and workmanship.



His instruments have been awarded numerous prizes in Europe and America, among them Gold medal at the Concorso Internationale di Liuteria in Italy.




Stefan Lindholm is the youngest ever to receive a Master certificate


Stefan Lindholm is the third generation violinmaker with a Master certificate working in Stockholm. He is the youngest person ever to receive this title, aged only 25. In conformity with the 18th century system, the regulations had strict requirements on education and skills.



“Four years of apprenticeship with a Master of violin making, completing the journeyman exam, and thereafter four years working as a journeyman under the guidance of a Master of violin making.” In addition a test to show that “the applicant is well versed in all details of the craft, especially regarding restoration and repairing”


Stefan Lindholm have been awarded numerous prices in Europe as well as America

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