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Maitre Luthier


Maitre Luthier Stefan Lindholm completed his first violin at the age of 15 and have since continued a century old family tradition of violinmaking in Sweden.


He is the third generation violin maker and Stefan’s skills are in great demand. He is repeatedly asked to work with fine restorations in various violin shops around Europe, often focused on complex retouch and varnish work.


In his own workshop, Stefan concentrate on making new instruments and often make close copies of classical Cremonese violins, violas and cellos.


His instruments have been awarded numerous prizes in Europe and America, among them Gold Medal at the Concorso Internationale di Liuteria in Italy.



Our Story


For more than a century, the name of Lindholm has been well known within the world of violin making.


In 1907 Erik Lindholm founded the family business and soon the workshop established itself as the foremost in Sweden, regarding making, repairing and expertise of all types of bowed instruments. The craft was handed over from father to son and Bengt Lindholm also acquired extensive education. Through his conscientious restoration-work and profound knowledge about old violins, the fine reputation of Lindholm’s was further established. Today the heritage is carried forward by a new generation. Stefan Lindholm is the grandson of Bengt and has in accordance with his grandfather and great grandfather acquired a substantial education within the craft of violin making. Stefan is devoted to making new violins, violas and cellos, but has also specialised himself in complex restoration work of fine antique bowed instruments.




When Erik Lindholm founded the workshop in 1907 the business characterized itself by international experiences, skills and exactitude, which has formed the base of the Lindholm tradition.




- The Guild of Swedish Violin & Bowmakers



- The British Violin Making Association

- The Violin Society of America

- The Swedish Violin Making Association


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Anno 1907

In 1907 Erik founded the family buisness in Stockholm.


Diploma of Honour

In 1948 Erik Lindholm was presented with a Diploma of Honor at one of history first competitions for violin making in Hauge.


Entente Internationale des Luthiers

In 1950 Bengt Lindholm took part in the formation of the International Society of Violin & Bow Makers.


Concorso Internationale di Liuteria

In 2012 a violin made by Stefan Lindholm received the Gold Medal at the Concorso Internationale di Liuteria in Italy.




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